Cyber Security

Navigating the online world safety has become a real concern over the last few years and looking at how intense and sophisticated some of the recent hacker attacks around the world have been, it seems like things are bound to get worse.

Even though hackers are getting smart and using better means for hacking, the ways to combat them are also improving rapidly. In fact, we have a nearly impenetrable technology known as blockchain which can be used for both protecting the data from cyber attack and improve cybersecurity across industries. This technology keeps transactions extremely secure without the need for central authority. Here we few ways businesses can protect their data online.

  1. Trust

Customers need to feel confident that companies they are doing business with can protect their data from being hacked. Employing a high level of encryption is the only way for businesses to protect their customer’s data and build trust. Blockchain technology can do that, however, it is important to educate all employees at all levels of a company about the security measures and the necessary protocol for protecting the data the company holds.

  1. Security

It does not matter if your data is centralised, stored on a cloud or a hybrid of both, it is still vulnerable if the underlying technology features weak encryption. In even the most secure operations there can be a single point of failure that can crash the whole system, especially for security systems that are intertwined. This is the reason why various organisations are moving to more decentralised systems and blockchain technology. The main advantage of this platform is that there is no single point of entry where malicious code can be executed. There are a variety of security measures in place at every level of the operation thus providing security to the data.

  1. Accessibility

As mentioned in the first point above, it is important for organisations to impart training to each member of the team in order to ensure they can be trusted to handle precious data. If you have even one weak link in your team and they have access to your entire security system then you might be doomed for a security breach.

By using blockchain based smart technology, businesses can be confident that data is secure and only those who are authorised can access it.